It is our hope that this musical album, BIG BANG!, expresses in some shape or form what we are trying to portray - sharing with you this exciting little adventure we’re currently undertaking, one that was almost totally unplanned, to say the least. It has been lurking around in our subconscious without us even knowing it. Needless to say, the very moment it dawned on us the direction this diversion, or attempt at songwriting, was leading us to, 'twas almost an automatic progression for us to jumpstart the engine in search for a better understanding of what the implications are, this so-called songwriting partnership got us into. Sometimes we wonder if this was just plain coincidence or perhaps some kind of providence?

Exactly a year ago the feeling was, “We’ll see.”

Today - now that our wondering has finally brought us somewhere - the delightful expression “WOW” is truly an understatement. This is something beyond what we had initially imagined. Now you’re actually reading this liner and listening to our music!!!

Needless to say, ours is a storied past.

Collaborative songwriting is a dream we never dared explore in years past when our minds were clearer, purer and still innocent; when our imaginations, ambitions and dares were ‘kinda’ at their peak.

Even though we're both musicians who grew up - and played sports - together and whose passion for music is beyond anyone’s measure and description, our respective musical journeys have never really crossed paths before, except at informal and not-so-formal gatherings where one played and the other appreciated, in the company of friends. For thirty or so something years, matter-of-factly, such life's arrangement seemed to be the soup du jour of a lifetime between the two of us, from years 1976 to 2008. Then, year 2009 came and all of a sudden, “BOOM!” (forgive me if we sound too cocky) - but like one fellow musician once told us - an à la “Lennon-McCartney / Bernie Taupin-Elton John" “meeting of the minds and hearts” almost instantaneously became the rule of the day and of our newfound fervor - writing songs together! (Fro)


Produced by Romeo Mascariñas & J. Roel Lungay

All songs written by J. Roel Lungay &
Romeo C. Mascariñas

All tracks produced and arranged by Romeo C. Mascariñas

Recorded at Romimash Studio
Tagbilaran City, Philippines

Mastered by Roy Tutor at Sound Garage
Tagbilaran City, Philippines

Still photos by Jacinto "Toto" Pitoy Photography

Project editors: Paul Mumme, Aloisia Bourlet & Mary Silva

Guest Performers:

J. Ann Talisic

J. Roel Lungay

Wendel Taladua

Abbie Claire Mascariñas

Marielle Eliza Mascariñas

Copyright © 2009 Roro Music

Administered in the U.S.A. by Fro's Music
International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved

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