Written by J. Roel Lungay & Romeo C. Mascariñas

Wait 'til you hear from me
When I come to you
With a friend or two
When I call your name
No, it’s not a game
Take a real deep breath
Coz’ I’m aiming for you!

When you open that door
‘Til the sun no more
When I count to four
Yes, you’ll think I’m a fool
When the moon comes out
And you hear me shout
Yes, you’ll open your mouth
You won't know what strike you out!

Big bang! Big bang!
Big bang! Big bang!
Let this night be the night!
Big bang! Big bang!
Big bang! Big bang!
What a sight for the eyes!

Like a kid at school
I’m all over you
Everything’s a game
But I don’t feel no pain
When you see me frown
Take a hike, turn around
Now if you see me smile
Everything is worth the while.


What a year it had been
Like a roller-coaster train
Life will never be the same
But never, never, say again!


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