Written by J. Roel Lungay & Romeo C. Mascariñas

I have something to say
Feel so jumpy today
Would you listen to me?
I’m living a dream, living a dream!

At a lost for some words
Imagining at the most
Would you mind if I say
I’m a living a dream!

Give me your arms and hold me tight
Give me your hands and rest with mine
Give me your lips to kiss goodnight
Give me your heart for love like mine
Share me your dreams, let’s take a ride
Walk to the moon, it’s really nice
Reach for the stars our guiding light
Living a dream, living a dream!

You and I everyday
Friends, acquaintance, family -
I’m thankful for everything
I’m living a dream, living a dream!

So much freedom and then
Wealth of blessings I’d say
God, how lucky we are
We’re living a dream!


Spread your wings, fly up to the sky
Throw your cares away and say goodnight
Rest abound, aplenty, no confines
You’re living a dream! You’re living dream!


Livin’ a dream, livin’ a dream!

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