Written by J. Roel Lungay & Romeo C. Mascariñas

Performed by J. Ann Talisic

Backup Vocals by Romeo Mascariñas & J. Roel Lungay

Indecision -
Reflects uncertainty
Prevents our moving on.
Vindication -
Excuses that we make
To hide away the truth.

Irreligion -
It's messing up the faith
It's really going deep.
Invocation -
A need to make a plea
It's a real deal.

There's no regret, no illusion
Not sign of regress or confusion
Violence feeds revolution.
Avoid bad emotion
Embrace high ambition
Life is too precious
We have to move on.

Domination -
Competition everywhere
Can't see the finish line.
Hard condition -
Imprisonment for all
We have to free ourselves.

Evolution -
With all its growing pain
Creation at its best.
Animation -
It brings us life again
A glorious day begins.

(Refrain 2x)

Indecision -
It's something we can't keep
We need to move along.
Indecision -
No matter if it's deep
We have to move along.


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