Written by J. Roel Lungay, Linda Mascariñas & Romeo C. Mascariñas

Define me love -
Is it all about crying in your arms
Or sharing a smile -
A smile that heals everything?
Is love really hard to describe
Or you just have to feel it
When it knocks on your door
All the way to your heart?

Make me or break me I’m totally yours
Gave you my heart, my everything
Yes, I’m totally yours.
What is there to give?
You are all that I live for.

My life you charmed with your dimpled smile
And the music of your laughter filled my heart
With happy songs only heaven can give
Ooh, I’m totally yours.


What with tears in my eyes and joy that I feel
I sing you this song from the depths of my being -
The music, lyric, poetry and you
All I know it’s love.

The time we spend together, the moments that we’ve shared
God knows what else is there between us
Heaven knows and the angels do, and us,
They make us or break us
But in my heart I’m totally yours.

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